Ugh, why do I only feel like posting when it’s late at night and I really should be going to sleep?
Last Friday I finally had time to meet up with Batoul to get ice cream, which I promised her after she got a super difficult IV.
While we were waiting at the front of Kaiser’s for everyone to arrive, the restaurant closed without us realizing it. Yes. We’re dorks. Ice creamless dorks.
So we rerouted to across the street at Irma’s Burger Shack. I was really hungry and thus very bossy. Shaheen said I was doing my upper level job, so maybe I should go hungry more often.
We talked about work and stresses of physician life. Seriously, there are things I worry about that I never considered prior to med school. Por ejemplo, worrying that someone will choke or hurt themselves at a restaurant, because then we’d be expected to…do something. Something smart and heroic. Everyone at the table agreed if such an event would happen, they’d defer to me, the senior there. I don’t think my expression was reassuring. I hoped Aj would show up soon.
No one did choke that night, which is good as Aj and Amar did not arrive until way later. We ordered malts (Amar says it’s a 7/10, I say more of a 6). However, Batoul refused to accept this payment. I argued that malts are a perfectly acceptable form of ice cream. But she stood her ground, dooming me to another dinner with them.
Just kidding… it’ll be fun to try again.

Angeline: I don’t know what I want. Chicken fried steak or a sandwich.
Dave: How about a Chicken fried steak sandwich?
Angeline: Ohh! That’s a good idea. It’s the best of both worlds.
Minesh: It’s a Miley Cyrus song!

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