Graduation speech for tricia 2006

Tricia’s graduation party was tonight. I was too chicken to actually come up and say a few words, but if i was sauve enough this is probably what i would have said:
I first met Tricia oh, about 4 years and a fortnight ago. She was one of the first people i got to meet there and I remember thinking wow, what a happy Filippino.
we got to talking and the class was told to break into groups and follow the leader to our classroom, where we would be oriented, since they assumed we were disoriented. To what, i’m not sure.
Tricia and i got to talking and we completely forgot to follow our leader. And we had a whole bunch of people behind us. I remember suddenly stopping and asking them “Hey, where is the classroom again?” and Peter (i think replied) “we were following you!” We ended up having to knock on a random doors til we found another group and asked to be let in. This was a sign of a things to come.
Having Tricia as a roommate was great because she left me alone, though sometimes i could hear her laughing at my music. I think Jefferson Airplane is cool, ok??
I’m kidding. She is one of the nicest people. I came home once and found a note on my door. it said to look in my desk or something, where i found another note, leading me to another note and finally into the dryer (which acted as my closet, really) where i found a present. Just something fun to take the stress off of studying. Tricia was just that sweet.
One day i came home from school and she offered to make me a sandwhich. I said sure and she piled on the meat and lettuce and sprouts. I was so grateful and touched. I took a bite and there was a loud crunching sound followed by the feeling of debris in my mouth, like snail shells. I spat it out and it was …dirt. I sputtered did you wash these sprouts? and she said, you don’t need to wash them, don’t they do that with all the water they spray on it? and i looked into the sprout container and saw that it even had a little pad with dirt on it, for the sprouts to stay fresh i guess.
I laugh at it now, i don’t think i was laughing at the time. We were both tired, but it’s the kindness that stays in my mind.
Oh gosh, so many memories. About the ab lounger she bought and one day i found her sitting in it, watching Dr phil, eating chips. Then it became a place to hang clothes on.
About going to india and how one day she just takes off running back and forth during midday in between class, in full indian regalia, just because she felt like it. Or swimming in the ocean and suddenly i hear off the corner someone cry ‘take me as i am!’ and turn just in time to see tricia crash into a big wave. She was saying it to the sky, God.
Coming home to find her hunched over the sink biting into a loaf of fresh french bread she was holding onto with both hands, crumbs flying. “Only 99 cents at HEB!” she said happily.
Or about the fires she almost accidentally started (and not just in the kitchen.)
There was the more serious Tricia. The one that studied hard and befriended everyone. The one who led prayer and asked for help for others, even those she hardly knew. The one whom many people would come over to talk to Tricia when they were feeling bad or had problems. And other things i shouldn’t say.
Tricia, wish is the word that comes up most when i think of you. i wish i had been a better listener and i wish i hadnt taken our friendship for granted as i sometimes did. I wish for you the very best and that..i don’t know. i wish for you something more than i can say. Happiness isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind.
And uh, that’s it. Thanks.

And i’m off to camp tomorrow. must sleep now. no time to edit.

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