On the plane to seattle sat between a couple. The wife like the window seat, the husband the aisle seat, so I got to sit in between. Were they talkative. Wife is an ex-ICU nurse and knew Dr. Cooley and Dr. DeBakey, so lots of reminiscing. They run a cruise line tour business so I got their cards. The husband talked to be about his days in Vietnam and how he had fun there. Lots of hot girls, he said. He almost married one there. Niiiiice.

Finally landed in Seattle. The air bnb place we’re staying at has prominent boob art. Why do air bnb places end up being slightly weird/off? it smells like dog pee too. And we might have found a pube in one of the wine glasses. Boob art photos to prove my point to follow.

We went to public market and had oyster shooters and uni and i bought some beeswax lipbalm and honey sticks. I asked the lady if she truly loved her bees, and her eyes lit up and her braces-filled smile widened. Yes! she exclaimed. She really really loved them. Each hive has its own personality.

I wanted to ask her to describe what personality can bees have besides stingy and less-stingy. But my cohorts had moved on at this point so I could not. I wished her well, regretfully.

Jennifer then showed us something private that I can’t talk about. #extratoenail.


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