Me: I want to have kids. I might need to freeze my eggs.

Ajla: I’ve been second thinking that actually.

Me: What? Really?

Ajla: I mean…the whole process sounds exhausting. And the pain…imagine a basketball coming out of your nose. Do you know how much that would hurt?

Me: Does a basketball visit you in the nursing home?

Ajla: I’m going to adopt.

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  1. it’s interesting she made that analogy because apparently that’s the exact analogy used in some childbirth book about what giving birth is supposed to be like (although it’s been criticized because your nose was not meant to expand for a basketball of course).
    nice exchange though. a basketball won’t ask you for money. it might be better in some ways.

  2. Touche nancy chen. Touche…I’ll be sure to tell your kids you said this someday.

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