I went to a hip hop class today. It was part of the ‘jasmine gets her groove back’ program i made up in my head. Sadly, i realized it was the kind of dancing my ex was good at. I had no idea what she did was old school hip hop. I just thought it was gyrations and a lot of (cool looking) flapping. I mean, I knew other people in the club were impressed, but it was lost on me. And now I was going to learn it.

I’m being honest here. I didn’t really know what hip hop was. I just knew it was different when i signed up, and i wanted to try different.

Still, I just had to shake my head and just laugh it off as the instructor led us through the routine. Still looked like lots of flapping and what appeared to be airing out of one’s nether regions. But I liked the slides and turns. I really liked them. I think I slid 3 feet each way, when 1 would have sufficed and probably looked less elementary school kid-ish.

On a bright side, i met a cute blonde instructor named Bret, who tried nervously to make a joke around me. It was..an ok joke. But I found the attention nice. A bit young but that never stopped anyone in a Toni Morrison novel. Too bad I don’t live in a Toni Morrison novel.

 In the mirror, i saw I had a nice face on the body of a dumpy housewife. But I slid like no other. Workable material. Got potential.

At the end of the night, another gal told me I did great and we looked forward to the next class together. All in all, a good outing. I can’t wait to start challenging people to dance offs.







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