Tricia’s words of breakup wisdom

I’ve noticed that early mornings are the hardest for me with the breakup. You sleep, you forget, and before your consciousness can put up defenses you remember all the things you were trying to forget. But day by day it gets better.

Me: funny thing is, tricia
i can think about the relationship now, and think of the songs we listened to and think of our old conversations and not feel sad
just..some warmth
and not anxious for more
Tricia: wow
Praise God
Me: she was very introspective, and taught me a lot
Tricia: THATS healing
its a journey…some nights are good but don’t beat urself (nor shall i) if we relapse
but im glad to hear u say this tonight Jasmine
even myself, I cried around 7 p.m. and felt really empty but im okay for now…more accepting.
Me: yeah, i was bad this morning. So.. who knows, in a few hours we will see
Tricia: maybe u should have a chocolate croissant waiting for you by the bed so when u wake up u can look at that and be happy
Me: Wow… THAT…is a great idea.
Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?? Tricia could be the next Dr. Phil. “Healing through Croissants.”
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  1. the problem with that is cavities! you’d probably end up eating it before you fall asleep, or in the middle of the night. then you’d be more depressed when you woke up because you’d be sans croissant.

    • what if we made a croissant flavored sugarfree gum? That actually helps prevents cavities says 8 out of 10 dentists.

      • wow. GROSS! i’m sure if you built it, somebody would chew it.

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