Going through jennifer’s closet

Me: Hey..there’s my shirt. And my favorite work shirt! And my second favorite work shirt! And this!!!

Jennifer: Hey, I asked you before i borrowed any of these. It’s not my fault you just don’t remember. Well, except for the sweater I’m wearing now.

Me: I’m taking these back.

Jennifer: At least I borrow your clothes now! Remember when I would never have done that? Isn’t this better?


Me: Oh cool! An Arcade Fire t-shirt? I didn’t know you went to their concert.

Jennifer : I didn’t

Me: Then where did you get the shirt

Jennifer (pulls the shirt out a little further to reveal the words “Arcadian Fire Department”)

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  1. Hooray, the blog is back! (And I’m sorry, but I haven’t checked facebook frequently enough or remembered to check the new link to your other blog from facebook, either.) I just received an email in my gmail account telling me about this post for some reason, so I looked. Miss ya! Hope you have a great week.

  2. i just randomly checked, too! yay for reblogginess!

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