my birthday (for reals this time)

Gosh I love that maroon 5 song. But what is up with the rap part? And the video, why all dragon-ball z cartoon style? Still, something likable about it. Ooh, and has a clearance sale!


On the day of celebrating my birth, my mom sent me the usual message of “blank years ago, I was having horrible stomach pain because of you!” Maternal bonding never stops.

Kelly came into town and we had dim sum. Then I took her to the office where we added to our very non-business like marker board (was supposed to be for notes and to-do lists, currently a picture of flowers, butterflies, a tiny bunny, and a shoe stomping them all. Thanks for that, Kelly).

Kelly then admits she bought Vletas’ chocolates for me, but left them in Abilene. She promises to eat them so I can enjoy them…what’s the word, not posthumously, not precariously…vicariously! Yes! I am touched that she remembered show much I loved Vletas’ chocolates and by her good intention. Just like if she ever needs a kidney, I’ll tell her she can have mine, vicariously. (jk Kelster).

We part ways so she can spend time with family. Meanwhile, I’m trying to see who can even make it to the dinner. The plan was for low-key Hideaway pizza and then maybe karaoke. But Kelly wasn’t sure if she could get away from her uncle’s birthday party, Paul had Easter dinner, Angeline had a sore throat, Amar was tired, Minesh was working…I talked to Gina about rescheduling maybe. But we decided our usual tight-knit group could still be there.

But lo and behold everyone came! Minesh got out of work, Amar found the will out of sheer friendship to go, Angeline appeared sore throat and all, Kelly made the time and Paul came after his Easter dinner. Kimberly was there despite having gone to the wrong Hideaway, and Susha was the surprise guest because I hadn’t received her text messages that she was coming.

Angeline (hoarse voice): I showed up to work today. My attending asked how did I see my patients if I didn’t have a voice. I said, well, um, one’s intubated, and one’s deaf. I don’t think they cared.

Alana, Gina and Evan talked about Hunger Games. Alana asked if there was any notable racism in the book, and I said thoughtfully, “No, not that I noticed.” Alana regarded this answer, waiting for some clarification, and suddenly I realized WHY I couldn’t think of a racist example from the Hunger Games . “…because I never read it.” It might have appeared very smart-alecky, but it was sadly an honest mistake.

We had delicious pizza and fun conversation. Then it was off to Ingrid’s Kitchen for dessert. My work phone received a text, and I was weirded out when it said “Text from Jasmine Dao.” All it said was ‘hi’, but I was like, how am I talking to myself? and why didn’t I know it?! Turns out Minesh had gotten a hold of my old phone. Phew. He had also gotten a hold of my wallet, and it’s the kind from J Crew Flip wallets, and I heard Amar, Alana and Minesh trying to figure it out, flipping my horrible gym membership card back and forth and going ‘ohhhh.’

After dessert we headed out to karaoke. Kim drove me to the Shady Korean Place ™ and I remember the group had already reformed in one of the rooms and singing. And I stood at the doorway and had a moment where I realize what an adorable motley crew this was, my OKC family. If only I had enough kidneys to promise to all!

Angeline sang the most, hoarse voice and all. Evan has a surprisingly angelic choir  boy voice (baritone, not tenor) and does a good rendition of My Heart Will Go On, as does Gina. I sound like William Shatner when I ‘rap.’ Kim, who sings for audiences quite a bit, held back so the rest of us could have fun I suspect. Thanks Kim.

There. Written down so my neurons can make space for new memories. I wish there was something like Dumbedore’s Pensieve so I can just pull this out and actually relive it. But this is the next best thing.

So much more in queue. Stay tuned!

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  1. wow! it’s so great that you have such a fantastic group of pals who would all come out for your bday. sounds like fun was had by all.

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