Puzzle hunt memories continued

Puzzle hunt part II:

Dinner was at a German restaurant, and as James said “nothing says staying up all night solving puzzles like heavy German food!” I had spatzl, in case anyone cared.

The plot twists to where Dr. When has changed his past so that Buffy is now his wife. Dr. Chronos, jealous, goes back in time to change that. Now she’s stuck in time. Someone in the audience even yelled out “don’t go in there the toggle burner isn’t working!” but they don’t heed her pleas. Dr. When asks us for help and we are sent off. “Let’s do it!” “For Science!”

The next puzzle was tricky. We are given a bunch of mini-puzzles to work, and so we divide them up individually. They’re logic things, like what you find on the LSAT (i know, because my roommate studied for it and I got to see some of those) or Mensa practice tests.

After about half an hour in, James realizes that his puzzle is impossible. No solution. And we realize they’re all impossible!  Instead, looking at differences in the font, we decode  a message saying ‘Bribe an official.” So we find the government official and he asks us to step outside, where it is raining and dark. Phil does the smooth talking. The man considers Phil’s offer and says “Hm, that sounds promising. These guys have been fighting like…” and James jumps in “like wet raccoons?” and points to a raccoon tottering past us looking for dinner in a trash can nearby in the storm. Another spontaneous moment, not as beautiful as the bubbles in the park. Somehow we win the official over anyways, and he lets us in on some tip.

At this point we have gotten help from headquarters a few times because we’ve been stuck. I felt Wei Hwa was giving us too vague clues and wondered why Phil seems to speak of him as if he were someone we knew. Then I find out he’s a Suduko world champion, former Google bigwig (hearsay) and all round nice guy who’s known in the puzzle community. Ah, that’s why I thought his clues sucked, he wanted us to be challenged, not realizing I was already challenged enough to not require challenging clues.  Honestly, I didn’t even know there was Sudoko world championships. I don’t even know if I’m spelling Suduko right. Shrug.

The highlight of the 2nd act is the art museum puzzle. Dr. Chronos has placed herself in famous works of art (and the parodies were very well done, especially the American Gothic one.). We were given a transcript of the tour guide. We noticed some sentences were awkwardly worded. Certain phrases, or partial phrases, were homonyms of famous painters, artists of the works being displayed.

Also, I liked it there because we got free drinks.

Next puzzle involved listening to a mixed cassette tape. Oh, the memories of sitting at the radio recording the perfect song, trying to cut out the commericials.

It was during this time we found out our van had inside LED lights that would fill it with a clubbish blue-transition-to-green hue. Heck yeah, party van! Or it just completes the creepy pedo van feel.

Morning time comes and we discover we are stuck in an infinite loop (by now the audience is saying Dr. When’s and Dr. Chrono’s lines along with them. Smart asses). So we, the audience, after ‘training’ are sent through the time machine itself!

It’s actually well built, like going through one of those fun houses at the fair, and we end up outside. We are not allowed to bring iphones or cameras since we are now in the past.

We walk up to the high school and the sign says “congrats class of ‘85’. Hehe. Everyone is sporting side pony tails or neon colors, short shorts. It really feels like my childhood all over again.

We  run into a girl who snitches on us for being out of class and are immediately sent to detention.

There, they make us take an SAT test. Really! I understood this concept at the time when Phil explained it to me, but now I’ve forgotten: Somehow by reading it sideways we used the bubbles on the scantron and the log of 5 (hinted in one of the SAT test questions) to find letters and that spelled on our solution. And I felt really smart at the time understanding it.

One of us is sent to PE to learn dance moves and Robin is it. She learns the Roger Rabbit among others I think. I wish I had done PE, like the class meathead would. Her test also provides a clue.

Then comes the hardest puzzle of all. Solving a puzzle in the 4th dimension. We wanted the janitor to empty out a trashcan so we could get a folder from it. However, the janitor only throws away trash when certain conditions are fulfilled, and at certain times.  To solve this, you’re supposed to draw out a maze, one for each condition, and move through this 4 part maze 2 parts at a time, until you have all conditions met. The Physics grad student was familiar with the concept and excitedly tried to explain it. the rest of us, not so much.

I have the hand-out somewhere, if you want to read the explanation yourself. Us Dao-Daslers are bad at describing things, remember?

Obviously, most teams did not finish this. I don’t know if anyone did, really.

Finally, the conclusion comes at the science fair (complete with an old-school Mac computer to play with). Young Dr. Chronos and Young Dr. When realize they were meant for each other, and kiss. As they walk off in bliss, there are catcalls, whistles, and someone yells out “Wooo! Do it!” and the rest of us  reflexively, obediently reply “For science!”

They told us to go outside for cake and soda. I’m glad to report the cake was not a lie. Then, stinky, weary, but having exercised parts of our brains we hadn’t exercised in a long time, we leave happy.

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