So kelly remind…

So kelly reminded me that I had left with an enticing post about the puzzle hunt and then suddenly disappeared. Luckily, there is a Wired magazine article about the puzzle hunt now, so maybe if it gets on the Internetz (right now it’s just in the magazine and on kindle) I can just link that and be done with it.

Or I guess I should write my own personal journey about it. So that’s on the to-do list, followed by writing about the birthday celebration- which includes Kelly reminding me to write about the puzzle hunt.

Meanwhile, I have been spending my time combing through old emails- Gina and I were searching for a particular one Jennifer wrote about pho- and finding some funny weird stuff in there. One email back in 2007 was from me to my little sister. The subject line says “WE HAVE LIVER!” and the message is “Come home if you want your liver!”

The vague context and abundant excitement would lead an outsider to assume that my dad and I had illegally procured an organ for transplantation for my sister and that she would have to hurry home ala Jason Statham from “The Transporter” to get it on time. And maybe that’s what happened. I ain’t telling.


There’s a message between me and cousin Phil, where I tell him “I’m working in Methodist hospital now. We have a project on floaters. I don’t think it means what i think it means.”

And Phil writes “I’m guessing they mean floaters in your vision. At least I hope so.”


I found a link of Tricia’s dad doing his Elvis impersonation. I remember once we walked in Starbucks with him and people started taking photos. It was like being in an entourage! I would link, but now I can’t find it. You’d think it’d be easy to search ‘elvis, dad, tricia,’ but no dice.




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