Puzzle Hunt: Still talking about the day before

It was during our walk to through the market that Phil begins my puzzle training. We had asked for directions from a clerk on directions to Hogg Island, and he gave Phil instructions. But Phil is notorious for not listening closely, so he can only repeat what it sort of sounded like the man had said and let Robin try to make sense of it.

“This,” Phil explained, “is a mondegreen type of puzzle.”

Basically, mondegreen is something that sounds like something else. Like when you sing the wrong words to karaoke, and you think, wait, that can’t be what the song is about. So you stop and figure out what the words really are, but then wish you kept to the old lyrics. The term ‘mondegreen’ is a Mondegreen itself- it references a song that actually says “Laid him on the green,” but many people hear it as “Lady Mondegreen.”

See? You’re learning so much from this blog.

Debbie asks us to meet her at Park Chau, and it’s not until we get there that we realize it’s not a Chinese restaurant, but it’s Chow (food) located near a park (Park).  I said enthusiastically “It’s a Montegue puzzle!” and Phil gives me a wan smile, as if he’s not sure to correct me since I got the term honestly wrong or if I’m making a joke. The truth as it was both. I’d forgotten the actual term, but knew Montegue sort of sounded like it, and in way, made my own Mondegreen joke to mask my ignorance. ‘Twas a poor one.

Finally I meet Debbie, who Phil, in the understatement of the trip, described as ‘a people person.’ Holy moly. If people were dogs, then Debbie would be a Labrador, and dog-people will understand what I mean by that.

We met up with other fellow puzzlers there too, but they leave early for another event (where apparently you are locked in a room and have to puzzle your way out). When it came time for dessert, Debbie recommended the Banana butterscotch cream pie. Also the coconut pie and the chocolate lava cake and the gingerbread pumpkin cake. Robin defers, and Debbie suggests we order n minus 1 desserts. And a little joyous flame of nerdiness burns bright in my heart. Math! For dessert ordering!

But in the end it turns out to be me and Phil sharing three desserts, n + 1. If you take the derivative of that you will get the area under the curve of our bellies. But everything we ordered was delicious and worth it.

We head out to work on the poster with James and Perry and then turn in for a night before 48 hours of tests of logic.

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