Me (half-interestedly): I wonder why do we call cookies cookies, instead of biscuits like the English do?

Amar: It’s actually from the Dutch word, koekje, which basically means ‘little cake.’ It’s the diminutive word for cake. Interestingly enough, cakes are water based, allowing them to be lighter and larger, fluffier. But with cookies,  water is taken out of the equation. What people did was replace the water with some form of oil, with the result being flatter,  denser  and crispier and thus easier to travel with than carrying cakes around.  A cookie is basically an oil-based cake.

Me (blinks)

Amar (shrugs sheepishly): I was reading Wikipedia one day. And I was hungry.



*After reading more on Wiki to verify and remind myself what Amar told me, I have also learned we have Persians and Muslims to thank for the spread of cookies. So, thanks! I’ll be having an Oreo shake in honor of this tomorrow.


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