The US tour con…

The US tour continues…LA, oakland down, chicago next.

I’ve gotten to see Jason twice in the last two months, which is great. We’ve had fun each time, it’s funny how old friends pick up exactly where we left off. Maybe it’s because we’ve fostered a deep understanding of each other, or perhaps it’s the telepathic microchip I had implanted in his head back in college for a misguided thesis project.

Jason is a good looking guy, so I get a kick seeing the very pretty LA waitresses at restaurants ogle him. One girl did the whole ‘walk away, turn back and smile’ at him, but he was oblivious to her attentions, as was his equally dapper boyfriend, Richard. On second thought, maybe it was the girl who was the most oblivious of all.

On this particular night, our waitress was giving Jason the once-over, bright smiles  and me a quizzical look, like ‘why is he with her.’ I am OK with this.

Jason starts telling me about real-life kidnapping cases he’s been reading about for inspiration for a story. They are frightening, and I realize  that once dinner has concluded I will have to head back to a shady motel by myself. But I wanted to be a supportive friend, so after he ignores my first plea to stop, I let him continue.

The waitress is walking back to fill our glasses. She approaches Jason from behind so he doesn’t see her coming.

Jason (sighing and resting his chin in his hand): So many ideas. I find murders fascinating.

The waitress stops mid step and her eyes open widen slightly. She looks at him then at me.

I mimic Jason’s pose with a dreamy look on my face, “This first date is going wonderfully.”

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