Jennifer: Did w…

Jennifer: Did we ever eat Korean BBQ with my friend Reubenjack? 

Me: Yes, I met him. He’s cool.

Me: He is named after a sandwich and a cheese.

Jennifer: I think he knows that.

Me: I’m going to name my kid Monterey Cristo.

Jennifer: That’s half cool.

Jennifer: I’m going to name my kid Mac Kraft Cheese. Yum..

Me: I think that’s trademarked.

Jennifer: Oh. Generic Mac Cheese. Yum.

Me: I think we shouldn’t have kids when we’re hungry.



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  1. i think that’s what kobe bryant’s parents did.

  2. His parents have expensive taste. Otherwise he’d been T-bone Bryant.

  3. ooh, or Porterhouse. Which is not a bad name.

  4. good one. i don’t know enough about steak. you’re right about porterhouse.

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