More trip planning

Me: Thanks to you Kim, we can’t go anywhere anti-American.

Kim: Are you worried we’re going to get kidnapped?

Me: We’re? No, it’ll just be you getting kidnapped. I’ll go home with a sad story is all.


Me: I just need to carry a camera and say “Godzilla!” and people will assume I’m Japanese. Heck, they already assume I’m Japanese even when I say I’m an American.

Saurabh: Hey, what about South Africa?

Me: My friend Tricia went there, she felt some places were unsafe.

Saurabh: Well, yeah. It’s kind of like Heritage Hills- it’s a really nice place with bad places surrounding it.

Me: With our luck, you’ll see me and Kim on the evening news in one of those places, holding a map upside down and dodging bullets

Kim: And Jasmine will be wearing a camera around her neck yelling “Godzilla! Godzilla!”

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  1. i thought japanese people said ‘whiskey’ instead of ‘cheese.’

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