Amar: Hey, you …

Amar: Hey, you want to go on the Amazing Race with me?

Me: Sure! But you might bring Saurabh instead. He’s more worldly and well traveled. He’d be the brains.

Amar: Well, I can be the brains for us. And you can eat everything.

Me: This…this is true. And a recurring theme in my life. How come people know that about me?


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  1. jasmine blog recurring theme: judging a person’s character by the quality of amazing race partner they would be.

    • You’re still at the top of the list Nace, with Jason. Though now I’ve added Gina and Evan, but they’ll have to be merged into one person, Ginevan, or Evanina. Evan reads lots of Wikipedia and Gina is organized as all get-out.

  2. we’d have a really fun and goofy time, but i don’t think we’d win. we’d need someone a lot more type-A than either of us.

    • But isn’t having a lot of fun a win in its own right?
      “Team Nance-Jas had the funnest time, while dour Team C won the million dollars.”
      See how cool that sounds?

  3. YES!! you’re right.
    you need to watch the video about synthesized happiness.
    i’ll take whatever i can get.

  4. Do u still take too big of bites of food and then when it sticks out u poke it back in with ur finger while ur sister looks horrified? Just asking.

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