Summer trip plans

Planning our  (hopefully) adventurous trip this summer

Saurabh: How about Carnaval?

Me: I heard it’s like Mardi Gras, but 10 times worse. Mardi Gras on steroids.

Saurabh: What? Really?

Alanna: Yeah, because Brazilians have less inhibitions. Thus, the Braziilan wax.

Me: Why do they need that?

Alanna: Because their underwear is basically a string.

Me: WHat?! No granny panties? (shakes head sadly) They don’t know what they’re missing…

—-A few days later, with Kim—

Saurabh: What about Brazil? We can go to Carnaval (yeah, I don’t think he realized he repeated this)

Kim: Carnaval is like a billion times worse than Mardi Gras.

Me: Yeah, I went to Mardi Gras as a kid. I dont think my parents knew what it was, so they brought the whole family.

Kim: yeah, I didn’t like it.

Me: I remember it smelled like pee and beer. (to kim) What did you do?

Kim: Like I do?! I smell like piss and beer?

Me: What? NO! What did you do? …Though, that would be an interesting perfume.

Kim (faking a commercial): Mardi Gras, by Britney Spears

Me: So dead on.

Saurabh: I won’t be surprised if you guys end up in a ditch somewhere.

Kim: That’s a great name for a movie

Me: Movie? That’s a great name for our trip!

Kim: Yeah!

Saurabh: I know you ended up in a ditch last summer?

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