Was picking up …

Was picking up some fast food for TV night with Minesh (not really a thing, but we make it sound like a thing). I was in a hurry and thought running in would be better than waiting in the drive thru.

I go in and I wait, realizing a minute into it that the lady in front of me is arguing with the cashier about the order and the price. I take a breath, and just wait some more.

Finally it was my turn. I look at the girl and realize she has very mild but clear features of Down syndrome.

I order the number 5 and chicken strips with ranch, a diet coke, and just a side of rice.

The girl types it in, but keeps getting interrupted by people. “This was supposed to be spicy” was the main complaint by several.

She repeats my order, and after some confusion I conceded to having french fries in the order even though I didn’t want it, she just wouldn’t get that I didn’t want french fries.

“So I had it right?”   “Ok” I said, looking at her warily. It was already 10 minutes past the show starting.

“That’ll be 17 dollars” she said.

 “Wait a minute,” I said, my patience breaking. “The meal is 6 dollars.”


“And the strips are 7 dollars.”


“So that’s like, 14 dollars or so with tax.

She nods.

“But you said 17…”

“Yeah.” She gives me a wide, completely sincere heartwarming grin. Her eyebrows go up and she cocks her head slightly to the side, like a puppy. “So we coo?”

I stare at her.  She looks just so adorable that my heart kinda melts and I give up. “Yeah, we coo.”

She claps her hands. “Alright!”

I leave, wondering if this was a very good ruse for her to pocket 3 extra bucks from customers. I check my order, and sure enough, I have the number 5, cole slaw, a diet coke,  a side of rice, two biscuits, chicken strips without ranch, and no french fries whatsoever.

I’m not sure what happened, but eh, it’s coo.

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