(Picked up by a…

(Picked up by a heme-onc fellow for a get together one night)

Guy: So you’re from houston? I grew up in Beaumont!
Me: I have a filippino friend whose mom is a pediatrician there. Her name is Tricia P.
Guy (wary):….Tricia? Did she…grow up there or did they move in.
Me: I think they moved in.
Guy: Oh! good. When I was little my grandma wanted me to marry a Filipino girl named Tricia. They had a ceremony and filmed it and everything. It was sooo weird.
Me: Was her last name the same?
Guy: I don’t remember. But if she moved in then it’s probably not her.
Me: Probably not…
Guy: The wedding didn’t work out. Which is fine, she had a dog face.
Me: OH! That IS my friend. Dog-face Tricia, we calls her.

That was just a joke. I wanted to see what his response was, to find out that by giving such a crude remark to someone he thought was not my friend, we find out it IS my friend.

His response, by the way, was silence.

Tricia is actually very pretty and I would put a picture here but I think she’s all like, into privacy or something. So here is a schematic:

                              @    o  o  @

                              @    ——  @


 not really sure what @ represents. It’s like a Monet of Tricia, only with computer symbols.


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  1. Awkward. I would have no idea what to do next if I were in your position, except change the subject and say something like “oh, this is a nice drive” or point at something outside and ask about it enthusiastically. Yet there would continue to be underlying discomfort. And I’d think about blogging about it or telling my friends all about it later, just like this.

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