Met up with Kel…

Met up with Kelly last week and got to tour her new home, Abilene. I was impressed, because I thought it’d have only one grocery store, but there are two!

We drove by the museum, Kelly talked about the different shows that travel through town, and then we went to Vleta’s, a chocolate shop that made candies that just tasted so much richer and fresher than anything at Godiva. The dark chocolate was especially good with their peanut butter cups, and they had white chocolate covered grapes that were awesome.

Then we went to belly dancing class, well, they did and I tried a few steps. I would forget to keep my arms out to my side and whenever i’d look up my arms are held awkwardly, like a zombie from michael jackson’s Thriller video. Kelly said I did good. “You seemd to have the rhythm.”

Ah man, I’m missing those chocolates again. Sorry, gotta make a run to the store.

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  1. everything tastes better than godiva!
    one time we were at this swanky party, and there was a guy there who worked for godiva. he had brought these new godiva chocolates that were mint and chocolate together. ilir tasted it and declared, ‘it’s great! almost as good as a junior mint!’

    • the only things i like from Godiva are the colorful holiday pieces. That is, anything blue or red or glittery. I don’t like their truffles.

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