Me and Jason in high school on the bus for a field trip

Me: Did yo know I can make my palms sweaty just by thinking of it?

Jason: No way! Show me.

Me (holds hands out and it starts to sparkle): It’s called hyperhidrosis!

Jason: Whoa! Let me try! (holds his hand out and concenrates) I can’t!

Me: I can do it anytime.

Jason: That’s so cool. It’s like a superpower!

Me (smugly): I can gross people out by holding their hands if  i want.

—Yes, this was in high school, when other people were getting dates and worried about Prom and stuff—



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  1. oh! until i read the last line i was wondering how you reversed your sympathectomy.

  2. i was just about to comment on that operation, too nancy!

    • i think it’s adorable how you guys remember my sympathectomy. I feel like you really did pay attention and care about me.

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