My meeting with Andy (or “If I could live my life again I would have done this differently”)

After my short trek to the Sundance Film Fest and interviewing at Utah for fellowship, I was ready to get on a plane and head back to the South. I was bored and went to the airport bookstore and was staring at the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, debating whether the movie will suffice or should i actually read the darn series.  I was really tired, so the ‘debate’ was a lot more like a game of pong. “Movie? Book? Movie? Book?”

No rationalization, I’d just pick based on the last option I stopped at.

While I was lost in “thought”, I heard a man approach the guy standing directly behind me.

“Excuse me,” the man whispered excitedly, “I just wanted to see if it was really you. I wanted to say I’m a big fan.”

Mildy curious to see what caused this lastest interruption in my life, I turned to see…Andy Samberg. Who had been like, less than a foot away from me at the tabloid magazine section! We were like, almost standing butt to butt. OMG.

He was shorter in real life, but looked just the same as on TV. He spoke in a very soft voice. “Thank you,” he was saying. Thank you. Wow.

I turned back to the bookcase, my mouth agape,heart fluttering like a tiny butterfly. My brain was now squeeing “What do to what to do”

It was only a few months ago that his voice was the last voice I’d hear before I went to sleep every night for a week straight (well his and Michael Bolton’s and the rest of the Lonely Island- I was hooked on the Capt Jack Sparrow song). This meant a lot to me.

I fretted about how curly my hair looked, and how with my dark glasses and my suit I must look like an asian wanna-be Tina Fey. Heck, I had her book in my backpack. I WAS an asian wanna-be Tina Fey. This caused some distress, I don’t know why. Would he mistake me for his friend?

I wondered if I should do anything when I felt a tap on the shoulder. The soldier guy was saying, “Hi miss, can you take a picture of me and him?” My heart did something, not sure, some movement. To use a term only the Bui sisters would fully understand, I was about to have a “Cheesecake Moment.”

I had to hold in my enthusiasm, or else freak Andy Samberg out forever. I had to hold it in so much, that I totally pretended I didn’t know him. “Hmm? What? Oh, uh, sure, whatever.” snap. “There ya go.” I wanted a picture in return, but refused to ask for one. Didn’t want to seem over-eager.

Andy had started with a smile at me, but I just raised an eyebrow at him. However, my hands were shaking. So…I think that worried him. I was acting like a very snobby hypoglycemic, or a stalker killer fan who had been intentionally standing butt to butt with him for the past 10 minutes.

Andy Samberg looked depressed.

I handed the camera back, and went to the counter with my book (so I could be in the same room with him a little longer!). Andy quietly went back to perusing the celebrity magazines. Then a little girl from the line ran out and pointed at him. “Mommy! Mommy look! A man!”

The mother was patient, “Yes, dear, a man.”

The girl threw both her hands in the air, “SCARY MAN!!”

Andy Samberg left the store.

And that was my first brush with a real life celebrity that mattered to me. Andy, I’m sorry. I love you dude. I wish we could have been best friends. Sorry I mucked it up. But now I have this book I’ll never finish and I’ll always think of you when I look at it collecting dust, knowing it could have been an autographed picture with you instead. Alas.

Captain Jack Sparrow

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  1. haha. so i guess you should get the girl with the dragon tattoo book. that’s the last option you stopped at.

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