I was fighting …

I was fighting sleep on the plane flight the other day, and got to that weird stage where your brain is asleep but your eyes are still open, because I heard myself say defeatedly, “no, butterscotch is too fancy for me.”

Man, I must have some real self-esteem issues. I had been drinking butterscotch rootbeer before the flight (thanks to Pops in the Will Rogers airport), so I know where that part came from. But how can someone  not be worthy of a flavoring? A flavoring?!

Could butterscotch be a symbolism for something? Fellowship? A certain place? A dance move? Could it stand for a person? Do I know anyone who resembles a orangy-yellow  5 cent Brach’s hard candy sampler? It’s time I sat down for some deep introspection.

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  1. but why were you fighting sleep on the airplane? sleeping through a flight is a welcome treat!

    • I get really cramped if i sleep on a plane

  2. ah HA! ‘LIKE!!!’

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