Saurabh, Alana,…

Saurabh, Alana, Daniel and I are all going to Guthrie this Friday for a murder mystery dinner.

It sounds more involved than the last murdery mystery dinner I went to. This one assigned us characters, and we’re supposed to dress up and stay in character all through the night until the murder is over.

Daniel and I play a wealthy power couple. It’s set in the 1920s.

Me: I don’t know how they talked back in the 1920s…it’s been forever since I’ve read the Great Gatsby.

Daniel (smooth gangster voice): “Why don’t you be a doll and gimme a light?”

Me (awful cockney accent): Awlright, gov’na. (Fran Drescher laugh).

Daniel: Ugh, that’s horrible.

Me: “Got any chim’ineys that need sweepin?”

Daniel: Stop that! We’re rich!


Me: I don’t know what people wore back then…

Jennifer: I think flapper dresses. I hate flappers.

Me: Me too. I wish I could wear pants.

Jennifer: They would have burned you as a witch back then.


Daniel: I’m wearing a fedora.

Me: like Justin Timberlake?

Daniel: I looked it up. That’s all the men wore back then.

Me: Fedoras and nothing else? This is going to be disgusting.

Daniel: I’m mildly insulted.


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  1. this sounds more sophisticated than your ‘wiener wack’ murder mystery a while back.

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