I’m already studying again. I mean, I actually find studying fun, but besides that, i have 2 main reasons:

1) I didn’t go into this test with the best attitude. What really gets me is that even if I  did know  the answer with 99% certainty, I was so scarred by the 2011 PREP questions that I was sure the test was tricking me. Thus, I would talk myself into another answer.  Easy points gone. Stuff I wouldn’t have hesitated to answer as a 2nd year med student tripped me up because i was afraid it was too obvious and time was ticking…

The antidote for someone like me is to have more confidence by knowing this stuff to the nth degree . I must meld with medstudy. Become one with the Zitelli’s. If a medical presentation is unfamiliar, it should be because I just discovered a new syndrome…

2) Gina and I have this dream of becoming like Dr. O’Neil someday. Which means I have a lot of catching up to do anyways.

There will be plenty of  board game playing and catching up with life though. Oh, I guarantee that.

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