(Woke up this morning and had the urge to share my dream with my sister who lives in Houston)

Me: Jennifer! Last night I had this dream that you and your boyfriend were hanging out with me in my room and were playing the harmonica while I was trying to sleep.

Jennifer: What?

Me: I dreamt you were in my room with your boyfriend playing my harmonica and it was annoying.

Jennifer: What?


Jennifer: Jasmine, last night we WERE playing a harmonica at his place. I was wearing it around my neck…That’s why I kept asking what.

Me: Wait, you have a harmonica? You usually don’t play do you?

Jennifer: No, and you ususally don’t tell me your dreams.

Me: This conversation just got creepy. And kinda cool!

Jennifer: Yeah!

What got me excited wasn’t that possibilty that I have telepathic powers. It’s that in the other half of my dream, Gina and her sisters took me to a realllllly good buffet in Dallas placed called” BBQ Time.” It was owned by a little Vietnamese lady who said “do whatever you want”. The restaurant was open 24/7 and had all my favorite foods- freshly cooked, including: Turkey, ham, roasted chicken, crispy duck, crabs, crawfish… all in Technicolor. You get the picture. Only sadly in my dream I was too full to eat, but I made mental note to come back.

Man! I hope that part of the dream comes true too.

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  1. What?!?

    So there is this DELICIOUS BBQ place in Dallas. I can’t remember what it’s called, but Evan and I have stopped there a couple times on our way home from either Dallas or Austin. It’s right on I-35. Maybe we can go there after my interview…

  2. http://www.shadyoakbarbeque.com/

    Forth Worth, not Dallas. But oooooh so good!

    • I guess i am psychic after all?

  3. you? too full???

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