Had a magical time in Dallas this weekend. And by magical I guess I mean the woman being sawed in half trick.

Just kidding. Rachna’s wedding was beautiful and the food was delicious. It was good to see Kelly and Aj and…well, those are the only non-OKC people actually. I see the rest of them here: Gina, Minesh, Amar, Paul n’ wife.

Let’s have a rundown of quotes


( we talk about Minesh having vampire babies. I really don’t know how it got to that)

Me: How long would it take for a vampire baby to grow up? Do they grow old at all? How many dirty diapers would that be? Having vampire babies would suck.

Amar: Haha, suck.

Me: Sigh.

Minesh: Do they even have fangs when they’re born? How do they eat?

Amar: Milk-fangs!

Me: And they have low temps. How are you supposed to know when to do a SWU?

Minesh: They’re vampires! Meningitis can’t kill them. They’re dead.

Kelly: So…Would meningitis just make them… alive?


(Over  lunch of after the wedding.)

Paul: There was this diabetes expert who basically said no sugar for Type I and Type II kids. But it’s unrealistic. Ashwini and I wrote to him saying fruit has sugar in it, what about that?

Me: I was going to mention that. How did he reply?

Paul: He said that since it has fiber in it, it balances it out so fruit is OK.

Me: So…I can have all the sugar I want as long as I take in enough fiber?

Paul: Yeah! I’m going to mix a candy bar with a glass of Miralax…

Paul: Oh (looks down sadly). I just made myself not hungry anymore.




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