Restaurant review #1: Genghis Grill

First up is Genghis Grill, a Mongolian BBQ chain.

How it works: You get a silver doggy bowl to fill up with raw ingredients as you like. Then you hand it over to a chef who grills it on…a grill. Then you eat what you essentially made. There’s potential for grossness here,  but so far so good for us.

As for the decor …tt looks like some people from the renaissance fair were paid to pose on a californian mountainside and then the logo Genghis Grill was photoshopped on. I don’t know how appetizing it is to feel you’re surrounded by LARPers while eating.

Not so sure about the political correctness of naming a restaurant after a violent barbarian. How would people feel if someone opened a restaurant called Stalin’s Stove? Or Pol Pot’s Pot (heehee!)?

Amar brought up a good point that people with food allergies shouldn’t go because he found a random mushroom in his food.

I asked Saurabh to sum up the experience: “It’s more for the experience than the food. That’s why we only go about once every 3 months.”

Bottom line: Food that varies in quality, but  hey, you made it. Good for picky eaters who know what they want and not good for people with food allergies. Otherwise a fun time to be had for all (except again, those with food allergies).

Score: 3 out of 5 Saurabhs!

Could be better, could be worse.

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  1. What a wonderfully happy picture of Saurabh!

  2. Correction: I found a random shrimp in my food. Not mushroom. I’m not Minesh. Some people can be violently allergic to shrimp (and other shellfish). I am not one of those… I’m just vegetarian. But overall, I liked the grilled tofu. :-)

  3. yeah, i’m always surprised when i hear about people named conan. why the heck would you want to name your kid after a barbarian?
    those create-your-own mix type restaurants hardly ever impress me. i go to a restaurant so that they can decide the mix for me! they’re the experts so they should know!

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