New blog posts will include a weekly restaurant review with comments from saurabh hopefully, and I have old stories to type up as well. But now back to pedialink for more board questions!

I might also throw in some recipes and stuff. I’ve decided to eat out less and cook more since it’s healthier. Nancy sent me some curry from Trader’s Joe that I will try tonight.

Me: I’ll practice some recipes first before I invite you all to eat. I don’t want to serve you anything that tastes bad.
Gina: It’s OK jasmine, we want to try it out too. Don’t worry.
Me: But what if you all die of food poisoning?
Gina: There’s a difference between “tastes bad” and “unsanitary, might make you sick”…

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  1. did you try the curry after all? how was it? it’s ok if you didn’t like it. you can tell me.

    • i didn’t!. I don’t know how int he world I got too busy for boxed curry…

  2. i’m gonna just have to send you some slosh in a plastic bag or something. you just cut the corner and pour it down your throat.

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