String Theory

Check out Anna’s etsy shop, String Theory. For adorable little crochet dolls also known as amigurami. I originally suggested they name their shop Yarn Buddies, and I am so glad no one listens to me.

Available for custom orders. I’m gonna put up pics of my orders on this website soon. I have a Zoidberg and Gina has a Bender doll, both are awesome in detail and quality. There’s the bonus of 1 or 2 clay pieces that come with the doll. I really need to post pictures, words don’t do it justice.
Just check out some on their websites for now.

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  1. link, please! there seems to be more than one etsy shop called ‘string theory’ and i couldn’t find it by googling.

  2. Well, Bryan and I technically refer to them as yarn buddies made by AB String Theory =D

    Here are the links though:

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