Mehwish wanted to take her kids out, and Aj and I went along. We met at Zam Zam’s, and Mehwish’s daughter was talking a mile a minute, interrupting herself every few seconds to say “Where’s the food?!” Aj and I complimented her on her fashion skills. She dressed herself and it was better than anything I usually throw together. She modestly said she just grabbed whatever was at hand. we notice her matching belt. “Oh, that just comes with the pants” she said.
I was jealous. “I wish my clothes came with other clothes.” Then Aj pointed out that I was wearing my sweater with the fake shirt collar combo. “Oh yeah!” I exclaimed,tugging at the collar to show its connected-ness. Then I was told to stop because the kids thought I was a big person and I was going to disillusion them.
The kids told me it’d be great if I were their sister. Then Mehwish’ son asks me how old I am. He guesses 48. Then he guesses 30 for his mom, 32 for Aj. He then relents and says Aj is probably 28. He goes back to me and sticks with 48.
Residency has aged me poorly.
We get in the car. I get to sit in the back with the kids. They insist on it. We play games that don’t really make a lot of sense. Mehwish’s daughter finds a notebook. “Write a number and I’ll try to guess it,” she commands. So I write ‘potato.’ We laugh. We play again, with me guessing this time. This goes on for many many rounds.
Mehwish’s daughter: Pick a number between 1 to 20.
Me: Potato!
Mehwish’s daughter: why do you keep saying potato?!
Me(slightly concerned, but burying it deep inside): I don’t know.
Aj interrupts us. “Ok everyone, pick a vegetable between lettuce and broccoli”
Mehwish’s daughter: Corn!
Me (inside my head: don’t say potato, don’t say potato): Asparagus.
Mehwish’s son (after lots of hemming and hawing): Carrot!
Aj: The answer was Tomato!
(we all sit in expectant silence)
Aj: … Um, I don’t know who was closest to the answer…and some people would say tomato is actually a fruit not a vegetable, so I’m not sure what to do with that either….

And the game ends on that note. The kids tell me I can stay with them forever. but then I find out they told Aj that too, so I feel cheap in the end. But it was still fun.

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