Maryland has really good crabcakes. I thought it was just a gimmick, but they’re good.
Someone took my book on the history of HeLa cells that I left in my chair while I was getting cocoa.
Sseriously, who else waiting for this flight would have wanted to pick up a book on HeLa cells? Maybe high school volleyball teams are more nerdy than I thought they would be. OR maybe it was that 18 month old girl in an oversized snuggie who tried to get my bottle of ginger ale earlier. Yeah, I bet it was her.

But if you’re curious, the story of HeLa cells is interesting. The tumor cells were taken from one Henrietta Lacks, a black lady, during the era when racism and ethics in medicine were just starting to be considered. Now the cells are used in all kinds of research, including the ones in Dr. Crawford’s lab.
It’s so weird to think we have pieces of Mrs. Lacks in those little plastic bottle. A whole wallful of her.

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  1. I read this book on our way to the farm last month!! It was really interesting– if you’d like to borrow it so you can finish it, I’d be glad to lend it to you!

    • Oh, and Dr. Verghese had a book at the airport too. I thought you’d be interested in reading it. You probably already have- the one with the nun and the surgeon.

      • I have….read it on vacation last year, with snowy mountains as a backdrop. It was a good one too!

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