Today Aj and Minesh took me to the mall to pick out my birthday present. Aj’s logic being I’d be happier if I actually chose something myself. It had a very mother-daugther day vibe to it (plus Minesh, the guy to carry all the stuff around).

I was kind of overwhelmed at first, but then Minesh mentioned “Lego store” and the whole world came back into focus.

We browsed the shelves and there it was…a lego space shuttle. Space shuttles hold a special place in my family, mostly due to Uncle David.  I’d remember Philip would come over for sleepovers with his blue NASA bag and we thought freeze-dried ice cream was manna in neopolitan flavors. Mmm, neopolitan. I remember making a model shuttle in 5th grade for a project and my teacher saying “Nice details! What is it?”

 This lego space shuttle would show her.

It’s at home now, ready to be pieced together. For some reason I feel Phil and Jennifer should be here to work on it too.

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  1. Just yesterday I saw a Lego shuttle that I wanted to buy. Now I have to. Now we just need to convince Jennifer to get one and we can all pretend we’re building them together.

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