I had a very awesome birthday weekend. First, the influx of birthday wishes on Facebook was touching. Jason said he hoped my terrorist activation codeword isn’t ‘happy birthday/’

Then there was dinner with my dear residency friends. Gina, Evan, Kelly, John and Denise were there. Rachit, Saurabh, and Mehwish n’ kids showed up later.  Some people couldn’t make it due to schedules.

Batoul: I’m sorry Jasmine, I’ll try to swing by

Me: It’s ok Batoul, being here with you right now is enough.

Batoul: No Jasmine, it’s your birthday! I’ll try to come.

Me: No Batoul. I mean, it’s really been enough.

Batoul: Wow, damn. I have no reply for that.

(we’re totally kidding, and batoul has dished out just as much to me in the past)

Thanks to all those who did make it out. Kelly even missed a raid to go to dinner. I have to say that was pretty touching. Seriously. no sarcasm. You people don’t understand.

 Mehwish gave me a bottle of perfume, and it’s hard to buy perfume for another person but the scent actually really matches me. Stinky. No just kidding- floral but not overpowering. With hints of caramel. Mmm delicious caramel.

Adrienne was there and gave me her baby. Well, for a photo shoot, to send to my mom. The background story goes like this:

April 1st, I wake up and see a text from my mom. “Happy birthday. Call me.” Of course my mom wants to wish me happy birthday, so I don’t try too hard to return her call. We play phone tag for a bit, with the texts suddenly becoming more frantic. Finally its “Call mom, I need to talk to you.” Worried now, I call. Mom chirps,”Happy birthday!” Then she pauses and her voice drops in that awkward whisper that she uses only when discussing embarassing things,” Are you pregnant?” I am silent, and in that silence she fills in “cause dad says we could help you raise it…” and her voice trails off. In my most respectful voice I can muster at the time, I ask, “Why are you talking crazy?” Mom is silent for a moment, then says ,”I’m going to yell at your sister.” And then she hangs up with no explanation.

Apparently Jennifer had texted mom an April’s fools joke that morning, but since Jennifer never got a reply she had forgotten about it. so when she talked to dad later that day, he just cut her off and said “later.”  When I called her, the story all came together for both of us.

Me: You know you crushed their hopes for a grandchild, right?

Jennifer: Hahaha! They fell for it. Haha. Oh, I feel bad now. I’m an asshole. Oh well, it’s their fault for believing me.

I like how Jennifer’s mood went from glee to guilt to self-deprecation, then back to a glib glee, all in a few sentences.

So anyways, at the dinner John suggests taking a photo of Kate (Adrienne’s baby) and sending itto my mom, saying “look! I had a baby!”

I don’t know why I’m holding her like a bag of flour (and she obviously realizes this is subpar baby-carrying skils here). Maybe I have no maternal instincts. I think i was trying to get her to face the camera. She is a very easy going and tolerant baby.

Then I got a photo with Mehwish’s kids, and Mehwish said I blinded her by being in a photo with her brown babies.

 Nabiha and I did a wordsearch together, which reminded me of my childhood obsession with wordsearches. Abdullah said “You’re not 8 years old!” ( I have no idea why) and didn’t want me touching his crayons. But he was willing to get his head near mine in this photo and that’s all that matters.

We ended the night with pizookies! I got a minzookie. Yay.

Thanks to Rachit for the photos.

Then I had dinner with the Annie and she gave me MRSA the superbug. :)

The Ye Olden Tymes fair deserves its own post, to be continued.

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  1. I am happy you had a great bday> i hope the fact that I texted on March 31st, the night prior counts.
    love ya!

  2. glad to know you had a great bday! the sack of flour thing is hilarious.

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