The Indian/Pakistani cricket game is coming up. Aj’s been teaching me the basics of the game. I now know what an over is. It’s 6 balls. There are 50 overs. That means there are 300 balls. My conversion skills are great.

I’ve actually watched a game of cricket once, in India. The sari salesman had a fancy dinner made for all of us and we ate while he watched in rapture. This was the same guy who would later ask me for sex emails.

Me: Six emails?

Sari Salesman: Sex emails m’am.

Me: But why six? I don’t get…oh. OH.

We share an awkward moped ride back to my friends.

Oh memories.

Needless to say, I learned nothing  about cricket from him. So I had a lot of questions for Aj while we were watching the commentary pop up on a website called Cricbuzz. Or well, Aj was watching the score .


Me: It says the umpire has been made to remove his white hat. What does that mean?

Aj: I don’t know.

Me: They wear white hats?

Aj: Yes, see? (draws on a post it).  That’s what it looks it.

(Curtis and I peer at the drawing).

Me: Aww, cute. It’s like a Magritte painting! Or something*. I’ll put it up on my refrigerator.

Curtis: It looks like a diaphragm.

(Aj throws the pic away)


But seriously, compare it to Magritte’s Son of Man. Same bowler’s cap and everything.


* Ok it reminds me more of this video

Picture’s still going up on the fridge. If I can find it.

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