Gina told me about her on call night where the wards, PICU and newborn residents  decided to figure out if Mehwish’s baby is a boy or a girl. They used the ICU’s ultrasound machine, and despite none of them being trained with the ultrasound just went for it. Gina just knew there had to be a lot of the goopy stuff. They were able to find the spinal cord, but apparently it’s more than just following that down to the butt and stuff. Katherine Grant was the ICU attending and came to help. They finally caught a glimpse of the area, but weren’t sure if it was boy parts or the umbilical cord they were seeing. So Rachna (I think) googled for an ultrasound image of the penis, and they passed it around. They all agreed that since they didn’t see anything that looked like that, that Mehwish’s baby is a girl.

I so wish I was there.


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  1. that’s funny!! i thought that all doctors just automatically knew how to read the fuzzy static.

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