So not in the mood to work today. I have hulu to thank for that. I browsed through a bunch of shows I would never have watched otherwise. There was “The Adventures of Danny the Dingo”, but due to the poor font/my poor eyesight I thought it said “Dancing with the Dingos” and in my mind I totally hoped it was an Australian version of “Dancing with the Stars”. Maybe the stars would be paired up with dingos and try to teach them how to dance. Or the dingos would teach the humans how to dance. Either way, man was I disappointed when I found out the truth.

Part of my languidness today can be blamed on hanging out with Saurabh at the Prohibition Room last night. He had me try a drink called ‘Monkey Gland’ ( and seriously, how do folks come up with alcoholic names?). I thought it tasted good, slightly familiar. It wasn’t until I went to bed that I realized it tasted just like Nyquil, only with LESS alcohol. Might as well stick to the cheaper drug store version, unless you want to come across as classy, in which case you’re better off ordering a glass of Monkey Gland. Society is weird.

Prior to that, I had dinner with Minesh, Amar, David, Angeline and Minesh’s parents. Minesh hands me some of the appetizer, and in an attempt to jokingly embarass  him in front of his parents, I said ‘let’s play baby bird!’ and I pretended to cheep. I meant only for Minesh to hear, but apparently his parents had superhearing because they laughed. Actually, the whole table laughed, so I guess they all have superhearing. I was embarassed. Oh the irony. His parents declared us good people. Score for us!

And that’s the summary of my weekend, told in backward chronology.

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