Nancy sent me a box of tuna curry. That sounds like something most people wouldn’t want to receive in the mail , doesn’t it? But it was a box mix from Trader Joe’s. Nancy doesn’t even like tuna, but this apparently was good enough that she ate it and made her husband get some boxes for me too. I definitely feel loved*. I thought of the past dinners I’ve shared with Nace. The food her mom would make during med school, or the time we bought tacos from a taco truck with just spare change we found in the car.

 Sharing food is such a bonding experience for people. The breaking of bread has a part in most important ceremonies. Aj was telling us the other night how in Indian culture what is served with tea indicates how much someone wants to marry you. Like, if they really dug you, you’d get sandwiches and cakes and stuff. Kelly: What if you don’t want to marry them, but the cookies look really good and you’re hungry?

You can count on Kelly to bring up the controversial questions.

This conversation was during our class bonding time actually, at a little buffet called himalaya (we’ve been there before, but at a different location). Azif, me, Evan,  Gina, Aj, Kelly, Dhaval and a very pregnant Trupal were there.  We talked about chai vs chai tea vs chai tea latte (apparently a pet peeve of Azif’s). Azzy told us about his wedding, and how weird it was so many people were crying. We assured him it was just due to the overwhelming emotions.  We are then served some chai, which was really good.  Azif said I was acting a little intense due to the caffeine in the tea, and I said no, i was sleepy because of the milk in it. Gina commented how chai was a mix of many emotions, and aj states thoughtfully, ‘it’s a wedding in a cup.’

I personally thought this would be a great slogan for tea. Who hasn’t had looked out the window on a dreary day and thought how nice it would be to have a nice cup of wedding ? I imagined what the commercials would be like, only to find out that’s how the commercials really are in Pakistan. Who knew there was a place where things i imagine really exist?

off to eat a custard bun with my intern. He brought it from the vietnamese store.  Hopefully no tea is served.

*I am also open to receiving Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls.

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  1. oh the spare change tacos!!! great memory.
    please elucidate chai vs chai tea vs chai tea latte. i’ve always wondered and i’m too lazy to look it up.
    you have a thing for cinnamon rolls, don’t you?

    • Jason was telling me the fabulousness of these cinnamon rolls the other week

  2. chai??

    • I didn’t explain because I still don’t get it. So ‘chai’ is just the word for ‘tea’ to Azif and his people. But it’s not a special kind of tea, it’s just ‘tea’, and if you wanna know the leaf then it’s usually orange pekote or whatever, but it doesn’t have to be.
      Chai is almost always served with milk, but if you add a lot of milk, it has a totally different name that means ‘milk tea’ even though the word ‘chai’ is not in that name.
      Chai tea latte is the milky-cinnamony-tea monstrosity Starbucks made up.

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