Jason and Nancy are hanging out today in New York. Nancy suspects that Jason is using her as a Jasmine by proxy. Her paranoid  but probably accurate suspicion is only fueled when we find out he wants to meet at Rice to Riches, a rice pudding place where many years ago a younger and Jason and Jasmine and Jennifer hung out and took a particularly dapper looking photo of ourselves. True to herself, the conversation   led to poop. Nancy did not want to go to Rice to Riches because her lactase stores had been recently depleted eating some flan. I like how some things stay the same, and still yet remain slightly surprising.



Me: Jace! I’m actually free this week. Is it too late for you and Sarah to come visit?

Jason: Argh. Yeah. We’ve made plans for Feb 24th in LA.

Me: Well… good! I didn’t really have time for you anyways. I have big plans already. Huge.

Jason: Good. I’m glad I won’t be in the way of them then. My plans are small but intricate, like a German dollhouse.



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  1. we had fun. i found out that i’m like 10 years behind on his life. i kept asking him about judge alex and his movie review blog.

    • Wow, is judge alex even on still? And I do miss that movie review blog. I miss the regular blog that came before that too.

  2. no, i don’t watch daytime tv so i don’t know about any of the judge shows. it’s just that that’s what i remembered about him career-wise, from bingo night.

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