Went to a pool hall with Rachit and Saurabh. Rachit runs up to the table and gets ready take the breaking shot.

Rachit: I am going to fart!

Me: What?!

Saurabh: He said he’s going to fail.

Me: Oh. (sad at how bad my hearing had gotten) I heard he said he was going to fart.

Saurabh: He did say that. I just translated the meaning into English for you.

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  1. hmmm, is this person a doctor? i could potentially see a dangerous misunderstanding where he thinks someone ought to be treated psychiatrically when s/he really needs to be treated for GI issues.

    • As with all things in life, location accounts for so much. ” I need to fart” in a doctor’s office is way different than at a pool hall.
      No wait, it’s not. Never mind.

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