“If I had to go through a bad dinner and end up waiting on a train to pass while listening to Hindi music, there’s no one else I would have rather had with me than you guys.” – to Saurabh and Aj after a bad dinner and being stuck at the train tracks, listening to Hindi music.

Saurabh, my restaurant buddy, insisted we try Rocco, a seafood restaurant. Now, a seafood place in the middle of the middle of the U.S isn’t going to be the best place for fresh fish, but hey, we were willing. Only I was less willing when I saw it was a darkly lit place across a liquor store and just a block from a place simply labeled “bar” in neon lights. Yeah, the word ‘bar’ was uncapitalized.

Upon entrance, I was immediately depressed by the easy-listening music. During my awkward adolescence I was forced to spend my weekend at my orthodontist’s office, to be fitted for my headgear. She played the same music.

“This isn’t enhancing any romantic feelings in me” – Saurabh.

“Can you stop using the word ‘enhancing’?” – Aj.

Aj noted that her seat went up when the people behind her sat down. A restaurant with see-saws for chairs. Perfect for people who like to pretend they’re on a playground when dining.

I have to say the clam chowder was good. Aj found the oyster crackers curious. I found this curious. Oyster crackers just go with clam chowder. In fact, I think it was an SAT question.

Salt is to pepper as:

A) Car is to truck

B) oyster crackers is to chowder.

C) Banana is to hammock.

The answer is B.

I could go on about the place.  The sole was good to me, too bad Aj and Saurabh were the ones who ordered it. I asked for it to be taken home. My mom always scolded me about eating other people’s leftover, but it’s good food (well, not good-good) ! Anyways,  I knew Nancy would have been proud of me for it. She was known as a sort of human garbage disposal herself.

We all sort of had the need to barf on the way home. But I appreciated having to spend time with my friends, which prompted the quote. In a way, it ended up being a memorable night.

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  1. i am proud of you, and proud that my distinguished title has not gone unforgotten.

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