Pho and football at Gina’s parent’s house today. Butterbeer cupcakes by Michelle and fresh French bread by Evan finished off the meal. Both were awesome. Michelle used the same  pan I’d made the Mario cupcakes in for Gina’s birthday. We decided it would be the cupcake pan we pass on from sis to sis, to bake special cupcakes in. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Cupcake Pan, so to speak.

 We made fun of Star Wars romantic dialouge, discussed how honey was made (bulemic bees) and that lead to a discussion on how bees ‘made love’ (Evan’s words, not mine). Apparently for some bees, the male’s pecker actually breaks off and he dies. I said this was horrible, but Brian said ‘what a way to go.’ Evan and I wonder why would God think this was a good design for bees. Maybe to test their bee faith.

The Bui clan and friends provided entertaining commentary to the Superbowl (Evan on a player who wasn’t running downfield enough: “Too much X and not enough Y!”). Gina makes a joke about the halftime dancers being literal blockheads, and goes into a giggle fit. We got to watch the second half of it in high def thanks to Michelle. It really brought out the detail in the players’ tight pants.

Anna offers me cheesecake. I demurely decline.

 And we got New Year’s money! I felt sheepish because I didn’t bring any for the young ones. Warm fuzzies all around. Gina’s mom was right, pho is great post-call.  So are warm fuzzies.

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