I had dinner with Gina and Evan tonight. Chili and cornbread make a good meal on a cold night.  Then we spent the evening putting Lego Harry Potter set together, and it was the simple happiness I had as a kid.  As Jay said (as quoted by Gina), “What is it about following a set of instructions that is so fun to us?” Then Evan made cocoa with whipped cream and brought it  to us hard working Lego architects.

On my way towards mycar I was cold and berated myself for being such a wimp about the weather. Then I saw the water bottle I’d left in my car had frozen over, and I thought maybe I wasn’t too much of a wimp after all. I felt relieved, because one of the things we had talked about during dinner was about character, and  Gina mentioned that Evan had this theory that we are born with certain personalities and that it doesn’t change with age. We didn’t go into depth about this, and I’d really like to hear more.

But that’s bad news for me. I was the kid who ran and hid whenever the phone rang, was leery of  friendly people (they could be kidnappers!), and  had nightmares after watching one episode of transformers.

 You know those dreams where you are being chased? In those dreams instead of running, I played dead.

During recess when the kids would make up adventures involving daring rescues, instead of going along with the storyline and attacking the monster, I’d suggest we try calling 9-1-1 first.

Yup, if the study of the past gives us any insight into the present, it doesn’t bode well for me at all. I’m going to sleep and try not to think about this anymore.

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