Me (typing up a clinic note while Dr. Turman finishes the H&P)

Me: What grade are you in?

Girl: 4th.

Turman: Jasmine, can you put that in the social history?

Me: Already did.

Turman: Great! (turns away, but then turns back quickly as he remembers something).

Turman (seriously): Also, she likes to color.

Me: Um, Ok. I’ll…add that now.


Dr Turman walks into the room to explain the plan to a mom.

Mom: Wait, let me sit up. Everytime you come in my brain has to work 100 miles a minute.

Dr Turman (who didn’t hear her mumble that): So I’d really like to start this medication on him, and like we’ve discussed the side effects are in this paper. you know, it can affect your CNS…

Me (seeing mom’s confused expression): CNS means-

Dr Turman (slaps himself on the forehead): What am I saying? Sorry. CNS stands for Central Nervous System.

(mom looks at me)

Me: The brains and stuff.


Looking over the Bristol Stool Chart

Me: Which one matches yours?

Justin: Well, where’s the one with corn in it?

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  1. I love him!

  2. This right here is the perfect example of why we all love Dr. Turman. Especially the slapping on the head part…I think we’ve all seen that move.

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