I inherited some glasses from Aj. I’ve been needing glasses but didn’t have the vision plan on my insurance (i saved 6 bucks). So one day in the ED i noticed Aj left her glasses laying around. I tried them on and my visual acuity went to 20/25. And instantly I got more respect from  parents. I could slide the glasses down and look at people in disapproval. It added so much to my patient interactions, in an authoritative way.

Aj: I’m glad they worked out for you friend. You can keep those. I have two.

Me: Gee, thanks! So, you mean I can keep them forever?

Aj: You sounded just like a little kid asking about a pony. (mimicking): Reeeallly? Can I keep the pony forever?

Me: No, son, because one day Mr. Pony will …fall asleep.

Aj (suddenly with a hick accent): No you cain’t keep it FOREVAH, cuz it’s gonna DIE. So don’t you be getting too attached or nothin’, ya hear?

Me( worriedly): Say, you don’t think you’ll  burst out in that accent when you get back home to Pakistan, are you?

Aj (normal voice): No, don’t be silly.

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