Bill just told me that partnered pathology jobs yield a salary of 300-500K. Dermatopathology, 1 million.

Decent peds pay? let’s just say for a second I kicked myself for giving up pathology.

But the job market is much better for peds. So there.

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  1. that is insane.

  2. There was a girl from my med school class that thought if she did both derm & path, she would be a derm-pathologist. That’s like if I did a Peds residency and then a surgery residency, I still wouldn’t be a pediatric surgeon.
    Yeah, this the same girl that when she got married, she made up a new last name. She took her husband’s first & last name, ran into one name, and then made that her last name. Like I would be Adrienne Jasonkesinger.

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