Last month in review:

The ED is always a place for hijinks. One night we had a kid with a foreign body up his nose. Keller goes into grandpa mode and tells us a story from his earlier days when he removed a foreign body and it turned out to be a wad of paper. He unfolded it and the worst smell filled up the ED.

Nielsen wonders why he unfolded the paper in the first place. “Where you expecting a treasure map?” No, Keller was just curious.

And so I go to take out this thing when Amanda comes and slips me a wad of paper. “Tell Keller this is what you got out.” And inside the wad Nielsen had drawn a little very rudimentary and cute treasure map, with an island, a palm tree, and dots leading to an X.

Amanda and I dip the thing in jelly to make it snotty. Sadly, the plan doesn’t work because Keller comes in to help before I can try.

A patient comes in becuase of lumps behind his ears and undescended testicles. Dr. Kessinger wonders if the lumps are just his testicles that have traveled the wrong way.\

A pre-med student stops by on New Years Eve to shadow. “Why did you choose peds” we ask her. “Because I like kids.” I’m at this point, very tired, having just tried to disimpact wax out of one too many ears . “Do you like making kids cry?” The girl looks surprised. “No! I like to make them laugh!” ‘Well, too bad. because all we do is make ’em cry. If you like making kids cry, then you’re good.”

Dr. brown commends me on my warm recruiting skills. “So you wanna be a doctor eh? I’ll show you!”  were his words to describe my attitude. I just want to say that I did a good job the rest of the night showing the fun side of medicine.

Dr. brown then wishes us a happy new years and advises us to drive safely. “I don’t know about you guys, ” he says,”but i don’t want the trauma team to be cutting my clothes off. So be careful.” It’s a pasty mental image I did not want, but could not stop. And with that I leave the holidays into nephro/cards clinic.

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  1. Did you mean Dr. Kessler? Or is there another Dr. Kesinger that I haven’t met?

    • I did mean Kessler. For some reason the default for me is to type your name. It’s more ergonomic

  2. funny stories.

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