Me (explaining why Passover is called Passover): Well there’s two ways I’ve heard it. One was when the angel of Death passed over the houses marked with lamb’s blood on the doorway. The other is because Moses lead the people to pass over the dead sea.

Jennifer: Oh yeah, Moses. He was into that one lady.

Me: The pharaoh’s daughter lady?

Jennifer: Yup.

Me: You only know things about Moses from watching the Ten Commandments, don’t you?

Jennifer:  and a little bit of Veggie Tales thrown in.


(reading skymall with Aj)

Aj (pointing): A bracelet with the ten commandments on it?

Me: Oh, I don’t need that. I know all the commandments already.

Aj: Let’s see…Killing, stealing…envy

Me (faltering): False idols, adultery…

Aj: Gluttony.

Me: Waaait a minute, I think you’re mixing in the seven sins…

Aj: Uh oh.

Me (sadly): Let’s order that bracelet.

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