I’ve been reading an anthology of short stories, and in the past I’ve been disappointed. But this one has been quite entertaining. There’s the story of a circus clown in love with a trapeze artist who is in love with the lion tamer.  Unrequited love- an old theme, but this time dressed in giant shoes, a red nose and armed with a seltzer bottle.

And this story now, titled “PS”, is about a lady writing to her marriage therapist who failed to save her marriage.  It is a good mix of sarcasm, blame, critique and introspection.

Two nice snippets from the story

I think your job would be easier if you had a chart of sorts that told people how they should feel. Here is a normal range of jealousy, and here is where you went off the deep end. Here is true compassion and concern, and here are feelings that are malicious and calculated. That’s what I’d say about Jerry putting me on the prayer list at his new church. People keep leaving fruit on my steps, and I keep driving over to Jerry’s hosue and throwing it through the window. “Stop praying for me!” I said.

And this one

“I once heard a preacher discuss the miracles of Jesus in a way that made total sense to me. He said that science could explain the act, but that the timing was a miracle. And every now and then durign the time we were seeing you, I would wake in the middle of the night with an old sad feeling. I could remember what hope felt like. A kind of natural happiness grows out of hope, a kind of longing and imagining of what might be.”

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