Last night over dinner , Gina points out that in a few months she’ll need a new name for her comic. No longer could it be called Residential Blues. We tried to come up with new names. “The Happy Hospitalist?” she suggests. We all shake our heads. “The Hoppity Hospitalist” was my suggestion. “Hapzard Hospitalist” is interesting but we realize it is poor advertising.

Jim asks does it HAVE to be an alliteration, and I say yes because alliteration is cool.

Saurabh think of “the Heroic Hospitalist”, going for a more superhero type of cartoon, which leads Jim to suggest “Guardian of the Children.” I sort of like that overly dramatic tone.

I wistfully think that if I were working as a hospitalist too we could have called it Bui and Dao, and have it in the Calvin and Hobbes type of style. I’m not sure which one would be Calvin and which one would be Hobbes. Bui and Dao could also be the name of a law firm.

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  1. Other hospitals BOW DOWN to BUI DAO

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